Website BuildingThe first step for how to start your website is to know exactly why you are putting up a website to begin with.  What is your plan?  Is this going to be a website to monetize and earn income, a blog to meet with friends and family, or maybe you may not know yet?

This is important because this means that if you do not know, you may not pick the appropriate domain name.  Your domain name is important especially if you intend to make money, and is the first step to start your website/blog.   Your domain name should tell readers something about what you will be writing or posting about.


I will use my website/blog as an example.  The Woman’s Post,   is a website/blog that I have put up to engage women and men in conversation, with a tag line of:  Positive Lifestyle Approaches to Living Life with Balance.  The next part is that I have monetized the blog with AdSense and different affiliate companies.

I want to engage women from all over the globe to participate and share their ideas, ideals, and frustrations in the community.  We want to educate, grow, empower, praise, laugh, cry and encourage each other.

Let me emphasize here that I am not a guru at internet marketing.  I started writing in October, 2009 and took off a year in 2013.  But some of the processes I learned initially; were the wrong way or outdated methods now.

Website Building 1I am currently a member of ClickNewz; with Lynn Terry who has 17 years in the business.  She is the guru. Her website has everything you need, and every step of the way. She is successful in making money.  It is not a farce.  I also am a member of the private forum where I have two live conference calls weekly and you can get the Niche Success Blueprint course here, that I have access to.  Lynn Terry has been online for so long that she knows what works, and what doesn’t.  She is a profitable Internet Marketer/Affiliate and gives the entire process; step by step within the aforementioned Niche Blueprint.

  • If you are planning to monetize the website/blog; it is best to get a (.com) for your domain name.  One of the best places to purchase your domain name is at Go and the site offers a domain name from $12.99+- a year. Update: (There are some cheaper now). There are different prices and you can filter your needs. 01-19-2016- I am now using Name Cheap, find it here.

It is equally important to make the name of the blog and your intentions for the blog/website to be something that you love doing.  If you want to just have conversation blog; then it can be just about blogging.

  • There are (millions) of domains online already; so you must test your domain name in Go Daddy to see if it is taken.  Go Daddy will tell you if the domain name already exist, and give you some additional hints that are available.  This is one main part of starting your website; making sure it is something that individuals have interest in.
  • You can go to Keyword Tracker Tool or Google AdWords and search the words you want to write about and see how many people have searched for the subject.  Let’s just say that you want to write about “Women’s Health Issues.”  “How to Fix a Computer.”  You can plug in the name and it will give you ideas of how popular these subjects are.  It will also give you other ideas.  Just examples, and if it is just a blog it could be something like this: “Lucy-and-friends.”  “My Human Blog”….just examples.   You can also search the web to see the name of other blogs to get an idea of how name are chosen.

The second important step to start your website is choosing a hosting service for your website:

  • Hostgator is the service that is widely used within blogging and websites.  It is listed in the top 10.  Here is my link to Hostgator.  You will need to learn how to move your domain name from Go Daddy to HostGator.  All you need to do is read the instructions within Go Daddy and HostGator, and you can even just key in, “how to move domain name to hosting,” online and get the information you need.

I purchased my hosting for 14.95 monthly because I also purchased backup, private and business web hosting.

  • You can also use free WordPress *I use free WordPress with another blog, not this one and the directions below are from Hostgator.

Once you setup your hosting and start to build your website, another important step is how to put up your webpages/blog.  Once you get into CPanel within Hostgator; if you venture down to the bottom of the page that list the Software and Services; you will find Fantastico, (this has changed and WordPress is listed).  You can then click and choose WordPress which is a very good website builder/blogging platform.


P. S.  I hope this is helpful information and gets you started into something you enjoy doing; whether it is a money making website or fun blog. Also I am adding a place to boost your website here:Business Services Link Exchange Directory
Free link exchange and link building service for business services themed websites.

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