Successful Entrepreneurship for Women

Most women know that the corporate world can sometimes be a very competitive place to achieve certain long term goals within their career.  Of course it all depends upon the company, the company’s initiatives, and their goals for employee empowerment.

Be Creative
Be Creative

Many women have found themselves beating their heads against the wall, trying to climb the ladder to success based on work ethics, within a company that had no value for those who work the hardest.  Those who reached the top were often (not always) less qualified, with disingenuous behaviors, and sometimes duplicitous actions toward anyone who stood in their way.

With no way to win the game, many women have turned to entrepreneurship to finally become their own boss, and become the successful woman that was lurking inside, and daring to be born.

Being a successful entrepreneur is not for everyone.  But, for those women who have a passion to be something more than just the employee, there are ways to make your dreams come true.  Yes, it may take some work, a little money, and a lot of perseverance, but it can be done.

Where to Start When Considering – Successful Entrepreneurship:

  • What are your limitations for becoming an entrepreneur?
  • Do your skills match your dreams, and/or you have the resources to hire what skills you are lacking?
  • Do you have any limitation regarding financing resources, or a place to start your business, (if it is not a home-based business)? If not, then you have kicked one huge stone out of the way.

Often the initial start-up cost can be a big issue.  To have the initial start-up financing of a new business minimizes some of the pain of getting started.  There are solutions even when you do not have the needed start-up cost.  *to be covered in another post

business-257871_640Do You Need a License?

It all depends upon your state’s rules and regulations.  Usually a license is needed if selling within the state of which you live.  In other words, if I sell something to a fellow of my state, I have to pay sales tax. Sales to individuals outside of this state, I do not pay sales tax.

You can simply key in or Google:  getting business license in your state.

BusinessBuild You Plan:

Building your business plan is the foundation for your successful entrepreneurship.  Just like in building a house and most things in life, there must be a plan.  With no plan and direction, you will go in every direction, but the right one possibly.  Building takes time, effort, and discipline.  Without a plan, you will get lost.

Know Your Passion:

What do you absolutely love doing?  As with anything in life and especially becoming self-employed, you must find your passion.  Without the passion to keep at it regardless of the ups and downs that come with starting your own business, quite frankly you are headed for disaster.  Why?  If you do not love what you are trying to build, sell, manufacture, or establish, how can you make another person believe in the product, the value, or the necessity?

One last word, always write down the pros and cons of starting your own business, and if the pros are greater than the cons, go for it.  Second last word,  the latter has been overruled by some people and regardless of the cons, they continued with their dreams and they succeeded.  In the end, it is your decision, just make some plans on how to handle the cons should they occur when entering into self-employment.


P. S.  Hopefully you will find this article of some use if you are considering becoming an entrepreneur.  This is just the beginning, there is more to come and a lot of it is ‘hard’ work.  Sorry, just had to say it.  Of course, nothing worth having is free.

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