The Beauty of Age

The Introduction to:  The Beauty of Age – Whatever Your Age Is

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! At any age!

Age is something very few younger women like to think about, rarely do talk about.  But, hey girls it is on its way. This thing called aging.  Like it or not age is something that you have no way to change.

We older women have learned a lot, some lessons that only age can bring.  It is kind of like the voice of the mama bear, baby listen to me, I have been there.  The beauty of age includes so many wonderful experiences. Each encounter is a lesson learned.  Making that experience something of value is up to each individual. Now, that is the choice!  

Having survived a few ups and downs and rounds of the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly, I would not change them for the life of me.  I am older, I have learned a few things, (lots of things), and I am happy that I am my age and still finding ways to make the rest of my life worth while.

With time everything changes.  Work, family, friends and even faith. When I was younger I spent a lot of time with friends.  Now that I am older, I spend my time at home.  This is why I write, blog, and keep searching to learn something new while taking my vitamins and praying more.  As we age we do begin to think about what comes after life more frequently.

Age Discrimination.png 1All of the beauty of age is not about what we look like when our hair, facial expressions, skin and body change.  Society has way too much fun with the aforementioned issues.  The beauty of age is far more important than what meets the eye.  It is about our contribution to life, how we have managed to stay peaceful, pleasant and fulfilled. It is about what mama taught us from the time we were little girls.

Women learn with age that most of the things that we worry about are frivolous.  Tomorrow hasn’t begun and yesterday has gone.

The basic and most important things that need our attention are not about beauty or wealth, they are about:

We may see ourselves as this---
We may see ourselves as this—
Other may see us differently....
Other may see us differently….


Family, work, friends, truth, reality, and faith, but not in this exact order.

If this older person had a message for the younger it would be:

  • Take a look within, and draw from your God given potential.
  • Every woman has beauty within their being, it not about how beautiful you are, it is about your soul.
  • Give yourself permission to be happy, but not at the hurt of someone else.
  • Give yourself permission to succeed, whatever that success is.
  • Know that you can learn something from the beggar on the street.
  • Learn that happiness is not about money, it is about being satisfied with what you have managed to have.
  • Know that love is like sunshine, it will burn if you get too much.
  • You are going to mess up more than you know, but
  • If you will always do the right thing at the right time, you will definitely feel better about yourself than not.

What’s Next:

As we begin this segment on The Beauty of Age, I hope to hear from women in all walks of life talk about how they have managed the hard stuff, the important stuff and the things that do not matter at all.


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