Clean your glasses, and get that cup of coffee, because this is long, but informative, or one-sided ( you may say), but I am kind of sick of all the hype, the partisan, and not so clear, politics.

I have hesitated to add a political stance to this website; however, it may be time. Simply to let the liberals know that not all conservative women or men for that matter are deplorable, stupid, uneducated, or unequal, and yes, we have plenty to say. In fact, our discussions are much more versed in humility, compassion, thoughtfulness, and most of all; American values. Shall we smile?

To further explain; I do have tolerance for people who do not believe as I do. I cannot tell someone else how to think, how to believe, what to say, or how to live his or her life. I do not believe it is my job to say; I know more than you do, and my stance in the political arena is the most valid, or most prudent. However, I had an individual on Facebook tell me that she could not stand Republicans. That is not American, nor a way to feel about your fellow American.

The Gallup posted that Conservatives outnumber the Liberals, 35% – 25% for U.S. Political Ideology in 2016. That is hard to believe but who am I to argue with Gallup.

Values are different for everyone. It all goes back to how a person’s lifestyle affects their beliefs, their parent’s teachings, and the people they most admire. It also appears that location within the world also plays a role in how some people believe.

If you have deep seeded values concerning life/ abortion, religion, death, less government in control of your life, you are more than likely to believe the values of Conservatism, and Christianity. Liberalism has broader views about those same subjects, however, some state they are Liberal Christians. When you research the difference in the two, you find the explanation that both parties seek the same results. Which include freedom, prosperity, fewer people suffering, crime-free communities, and safe/healthy children.

While working to explain the two parties, it seems to me; both parties have gotten off track and seem to be going their own little direction. Some people appear to have no values; they believe they are free to try to destroy someone, anyway they can. It appears their sins are not as bad as the other person’s is, and only fools are able to see some good in everyone.

That is not the American way, whatever your preference is in politics. If you do not like the fact that someone was elected that you abhor and want to see him destroyed, your motive is scandalous, or wicked whichever you prefer to call it. You cannot believe that President Trump has anything of value about him. What is important, you do not know his soul. There is only one being who does, and He does not have your name.

It was rather comical this week to watch the excerpts from MSNBC and other channels. They were smiling and shaking their heads, with smirks on their faces. All while they collaborated scenarios of Putin helping Syria use “chemicals” on little children, men, and women, bringing death to many, all to help this country’s ambiguous and hostile departure from unity. Stating that, it would not surprise them, if this had been pulled off, just to silence the anti-Trump liberals.

This is not smiling material, nor should it be in any conversation that involves Americans. These same people are so duly ready to defend, protect, and take in refugees. In one instance, Mr. President is a disgrace to America because of vetting refugees, and now making the murder of these same people a laughing matter. What hypocrisy! How un-American!

What these liberals did was clarify to anyone who did not know already that they would do or say anything, to try to persuade other individuals that The President is not the President to all of America. That is in their minds, and their minds only, and they are in for a rude awakening, since the last awakening was hard for them to understand. This indicates that his and her imagination is far more warped than anyone had previously thought. How sad that these news Journalists, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell could think up such an idea, and try to present it to other Americans is simply distasteful, arrogant, and made themselves appear deplorable.

It is further fascinating that it was reported by that MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, let it slip on February 23, 2017 that “the media’s job was to actually control exactly what people think.” Wow, she must really believe that her viewers are stupid, and need someone, anyone to tell them the facts.

Another headline on NBS’s Today show was “USA Wades Into Syrian Conflict.”  What does the “Wades” tell you about where the conversation is going for that segment? It is so easy to tell the conversation for all channels that disrespect this President. Either they have headlines that generate the type of conversation they intend to elaborate on, or they pick the most liberal commentators.

With all of the above stated; NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and anyone else who thinks that they have the power to dominate the American people’s state of mind, need to stop and think again. Will they, doubtful, and to their own ruin. It is rather simple, they are not fair and balanced, and they never will be. The one news anchor who is there now that was part of Fox News was Greta Van Susteren. She was always fair and balanced on Fox News. I think the question would be; will she continue to be.


This is what I see as what is going on in America the Great.

People have lost their respect for one another. They are possessed with self-righteousness, and an attitude of my way or no way. They believe that President Trump has never done anything to be praised for, and never likely will.

The President is not a perfect man, nor is any other creature that could have claimed the role. Not one Conservative that I know wants to sweep anything under the rug that is wrong, or unlawful. There is definitely an old cliché,  that gives this recommendation; “If you give a man enough rope, he will hang himself.” It is not the left’s prerogative to hang anyone unless the laws were broken.

Most Conservatives believe in forgiveness, and forgetting. When Jesus died, He died for the sinner. God uses people that the most educated, elaborate and high-minded people think are undeserving. He uses the common, and despised people of the world to make a difference in the world. Think about Moses, God did not use Moses when he was the prince of Egypt, but when he was a nomadic shepherd. Yes, he has used the rich and powerful, however, more often He used the poor, sinful, and abused. God uses the “unlikeliest” people. (You can check this out in 1 Corinthians 1: 20 -31)

When God does something, He does not do it half way. He will protect, guide, and create a way of escape for someone that He has His hand on. Many people believe that God had a hand in the USA 2016 election.

Oh, I can hear the whines now, and the naysayers. I can just hear yes, and Putin had his hand in it too. Well, here is the deal. Not one of you, who claim to know the truth about this President, really know who he is, what he has done incorrectly, or knows what he believes or what is in his soul.

He does have wonderful children, and you are even taking out your hostility on them. What if…this was you and your children, who have never caused the world grief. He like the rest of the world has sinned, lacked wisdom and probably made mistakes he would like to undo. No, he may not tell you that, rest assured he is human.

Who are we to judge him or another? We are not God, we do not have the all-seeing mind, or eyes of God and we certainly cannot see the future of this Country and know what is best straight down the line.

When you get on your TV show each night and start the propaganda, it does not make him look bad. You are speaking on theory, not flat out evidence or knowing. It makes you look just like what you are. You are being someone who wants to influence people into believing that the old Washington was just fine. Well, it was not, and all you have to do is look at what has been done so far 2017. You are in denial. You want people to believe that the President has no knowledge, wisdom or the temperament to be President of the United States. Time will tell, and time is on his side, not yours.

He is different, I doubt that anyone agrees with every tweet, how it is tweeted, or what is said. However, one thing is for sure; he does not need you or I to tell him what to say. He is going to do what he feels is

Keep your eyes open, and your glassed polished, and

God Bless America!

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