woman-power-2-self-madeThis story is not new, however I felt it necessary to take a swipe at my view, and having been harassed in the workplace (not sexual), it is not a funny matter. Reading the recent news about Roger Ailes, and the lawsuit that Gretchen Carlson filed against this man who has used his power, too many times, has now turned in the right direction.

It would be easy to stop typing, start clapping, jumping up and down, and screaming the fact that; truth does prevail, at least in this case.

Women have taken too much of this behavior because of fear, shame and not knowing what to do to resolve the issue, other than leave the job. Since woman have become more aggressive, and powerful in their own right; things are changing, and not too soon. It takes courage, strength, and being able to withstand the criticism or rebuttal of those who try to make it insignificant.

The details of the above story is all over the place, so our attention goes to those women who are lacking in support and in some cases sufficient funds to get something done. Many companies do not believe their elites would do these kinds of things. Finally someone had the spunk to do something about it. Get the truth

This is the message here, women you do not have to accept unwanted, unjust, and uncalled for advances from a man at any level of authority, or for any reason. You have the power within you to fight for what is just, fair and truth. You may not always win; however you will feel the win inside that you have stood up for yourself and what you believe is right for you.

Not only is there often sexual harassment within the workplace, there is also harassment within work for women in leadership (my story) who believe their work ethics cannot be broken. They are there to promote other people, not give them the ax just because upper management says to.

This reference is that some upper level bosses think they can fire someone just because they want to for reasons that are not legal, just, or necessary; they do not like them. Some occasions is that they have another individual they want to hire, yes excuses are there, however unwarranted they are.

Having seen this happens more than once, it is staggering to find out the laws of labor is very often ignored. Even when taken to human resources, other executive level individuals do not uphold the laws. If one visits an attorney, the attorney tells them these kinds of lawsuits are hard to prosecute. *In some cases

When the above happens, it is failure to give everyone justice and let truth prevail. This is like the same workplace discrimination that the law provides equally to all employees. However, they leave a trail all the way up to corporate level and nothing is done.

However, not all cases are the same, and not all people are honest. Women have not stood up for themselves over the years because of fear. Fear of being called a moron or worse.

After reading some of the women’s stories about Donald Trump, I will say the following: Let’s be serious women, if we have unwanted advances, there is a way to stop that upfront, unless it is criminal behavior. I do not believe that a woman cannot slap the fire out of a man, or whatever is necessary if she does not want the unwarranted behavior. Being intimidated by a man’s position is no excuse if you want to keep the connection professional only.

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