What Older Women Learn With Age

My Story – At Least Some of It

One of the most important advantages about being older is that of knowing we do not have as much to learn as we used to. I assuredly believe that a lot of you would agree. Some of the lessons were tough. Some were uncalled for, and some were just part of life. What older women learn with age, at least most of it, I can say I would not want to do it over, even if it were possible. Youth has advantages also, but being older and wiser is the results of our lessons in life.

That does not say that I do not have regrets, but the only way to have less regrets later in life, is to learn when you are younger the important things in life.

I cannot begin to list all of the lessons I have learned from a life well lived. However, how we end up in life is often, how we started out. My start in life was in a small country town where you had to travel to everything, including buying clothes, or should I say, mom ordering them from Alden’s. I did not have the finest to wear to school, but when we went to church we wore our best, and mom made sure we had something nice.

In school, I was not an enterprising person. I was a dreamer, or thinking about other things that did not include my education. Things did change and finally in the last few years of high school, I changed. I was a quiet person, even in my youth without a lot of self-confidence.

Chance PixabayLater, rather than sooner I became the little sister that had a lot of need for adventure, with self-will, determination and maybe something called guts. I move to the city, came back home, and then moved to the city again. Yes, this time with the man, that I still call my husband. He was very patient. Thank goodness.

Finally after some years, I made the right move, began my career in mortgage lending that lasted until semi-retirement. Ups and down existed but the payoff was exceptional without a degree. In fact it was above the average national income level. See what you can do with grit, courage, and following your heart. Confidence was always an issue, but it never stopped me from making choices, changes, and taking a chance.

Did I handle all of it well? Not always, as I was sometime foolish, but I did always rise after the fall, usually. As one friend told me, “Linda, you always land on your feet.”

What We Are Taught In Our Youth Is Often Where Our Belief System Stems From

Perfection was something that I thought was real. I think I thought that because my mother wanted me to be perfect, that I would be. She actually was teaching me the principals of salvation, faith, and being a good person. This was not inappropriate teaching, but there is also a world we must live and contribute to. Was I perfect, well who is perfect that is human? However, I thought I would be perfect. I was devastated the first time I found out that someone did not like me. I was not in my teens either I was much older. I had a lot to learn about life, and learned one-step at a time.

“Perfection exist only to the person who believes they possess it. They are only living an illusion. There is no way to be perfect or be removed from error. If it were, we would be in the Garden of Eden.” 

Most of what older women learn with age is derived from how and what we learned before we started our adult life. Yes, that means how our parents informed us about life, and what it entails. Our heritage takes us on a special trip and defines who we are most of the time. It is often that individuals change their ideas, ideals, and learn what life is actually about. It is often nothing life what we learned while growing up.

What Older Women Learn,We Embrace

Older women have been tested a time or two about our principles, our character, and why we see things very differently at this time in our life. We could and should enlighten to those younger, that most of time the principles that we learn from mom and dad, is something we should never sacrifice

Principles- Flicr-License commonsPrinciples: (1) a fundamental truth, or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief, or behavior, or for a chain of reasoning  (2) a fundamental source or basis of something.

The grass is not greener on the other side, just because we think it is, or even because someone says, it is.

Knowledge and Wisdom

  • Knowledge is the acquisition of facts and information. It is what you have learned in the way of intelligence.
  • Wisdom is the ability to perceive, detect, recognize, observe, and judge what is true, and right.

In other words, knowledge without wisdom means that you might get lost on your road to success, happiness and a satisfied life.

“Knowledge is essential, and powerful, but wisdom knows how to share that knowledge to create something worthwhile.”

  1. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ No one can be perfect or flawless, but one should be mindful of the need to change.
  2. We have learned that being first in anything does not mean we are the best. The old saying; “we are saving the best for last,” is more like the truth.
  3. We also learned that you could not sit on both sides of the fence. You cannot be right and wrong at the same time. Sitting on the fence alters truth.
  4. When we became more knowledgeable, we knew that our decisions were the creator of the good and not so good in our life.
  5. Age convinced us that nothing in life is forever. We do not stay young, always energetic, and that age does have its benefits.
  6. We know that you can never judge a book by its cover.
  7. We learned that you cannot give your values to your children, it is something they must have respect for themselves, and
  8.  You cannot have your cake and eat it too.


There is a rainbow after every storm!



“Life is like the rainbow. It comes and goes, when it rains it pours, but soon the sun shines again. After the storm, there is calm, after the night, there is a morning, and after an ending, there is always a new beginning.”

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    Thank Christie for stopping by to read and comment. We do learn so much with age and experiences can strengthen us if we allow.

    Thanks again,

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    Great article, Linda! You are very wise in understanding how vital appreciating each step we take through life is. Life is a learning experience, and one must keep their mind open. Otherwise, when times arise again, a learned response will not exist within the mind.

    Life is a journey!


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