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Women Entrepreneurship is On The Rise! 

business-idea-1 PixabayIf you are interested or should we say dreaming of becoming a successful female business owner, now may be the time. It is interesting what The State of Women-Owned Businesses, 2016 report published by Womanable and American Express Open has to say about this ever-popular subject.

The numbers are astounding and confirm woman entrepreneurship is on the rise. Still not enough, but gaining. This is exciting to learn and you should look at these statistics for yourself.

After some research to include on The Woman’s Post, the stats vary per articles and writer, probably within the local sector. The above report indicates that women are actually surviving since the recession that started in 2007.

Some Valuable Information

Before we get to the statistics, this is what some women entrepreneurs have state for their progress, attitude and success. Several women included the fact they grew up with men and were comfortable in the man’s world. That is a good point, however some also returned to getting more education they deemed necessary to be more suited for their goals.

In prior times, women were held hostage to the idea of being only suitable for certain jobs. No more, women have taken a stand and will take on the establishment with expertise and hard work, and additional education if needed.

One woman indicated she bought a plumbing company because the administration needed a woman’s touch. The plumbing work being does was in great order, but on the customer service side it was lacking in organization.

Some still indicate per the Press Republican that women are under-represented in the public and private business sectors. Stating that women are still behind in equal pay at a rate of 79 cents for the dollar a man makes.  Income inequality still exist. 

The Journal Gazette stated that women in trades are still very rare, while stating the Bureau of Labor Statistics report in 2014 that 9.8 million who are working in construction and only 8.9 percent were women.

While the numbers of women who want a construction company are few, women can look for that start of woman entrepreneurship to many other businesses.

Online Businesses For Women

Online businesses for women are growing rapidly, and one of those is writing.  Writing is a skill, which can be learned, and a talent that must be brought to life in many women. Women have imaginations that men do not have, for the most part, they are more detailed and can make the reader feel as if they are there in the book, paper or article.

Some important links to writing is usually you will hear the writer say they have always thought, wanted or dreamed of writing. The desire is usually always within.

Blogging – There are also many stay at home mommy bloggers. Some who have managed quite well to open their blog and get right to the business of reaching out to others, growing their blog with affiliate marketing. Their conversations are interesting, informative and give the readers challenge to improve their budgets, meal preparations, and lifestyle.

Virtual Assistant– There is a large number of females who have adapted this profession since the internet has become more and more saturated with online websites, blogs, and businesses.

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The Statistic for Women Business Ownership for 2016 (e)

business-idea-PixabayThe report indicates that ownership of businesses have increased in the United States by nine percent from the period of 2007 to 2016. The good news is that women-owned businesses increased 45 percent. In one section of the country, it was stated that only 10% have employees other than themselves within these businesses.

What is fascinating is the fact that women businesses have developed and grown more than 2% plus in industries of construction, transportation, plumbing, (yes, plumbing), and technical businesses. Those previously identified as in the male sector. In the past women were associated with just the usual food markets, retail, health care, real estate, and what sounded feminine.

New York – NY/NJ/PA is listed number one for 2016 as the most of women-owned businesses. Los Angeles, CA is second with 635,100 women-owned firms. The total U.S Enterprises women-owned firms are estimated at 11.3 million, they employ 8.9 million. Sales equal an astonishing $1.6 billion. Men are not that far ahead at 15.5 million in business ownership. Employment is substantially ahead with men businesses at 40.5 million.


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