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Women Senior Management Roles

Review of Article based upon information found at The Economist/Business & Finance

In my own words:

The world is about to change regarding Women & Senior Management Roles, or has it already?  Well; it is about time.  Especially for all the hard working women in the business world who have taken second place to their male colleagues in the past.

With studies and reports from the rich nations; women have begun to rise to the decision making level i.e. buying decisions in major companies to include car industries.  This has always been where men dominated the field, and women were shy of the aggressive behaviors that these people usually have. The report also stated that as more females work outside the home, there are more who rise to management positions and/or senior level.  It said that about half of the companies that participated in the report; indicated that an increase in female decision-making had risen within their B2B customers.  It is not un-common these days for a senior-level female employee to be over the company’s sales team.  These positions were previously dominated by male employees.

Comments on the article regarding Women Senior Management Roles:

After reading the report as stated above; there were several comments, two that stood out to me as a couple of males who did not agree.   One denying that this may have been true in the British study, but did not answer with clarity all other countries and that it was doubtful in India. Then to top that off; there was a professor who began his comments with the fact he had studied the structure of the male and female brain.  He continued that men had 10,000 more grey cells than their counterparts. Which as he put it; assisted the males of the world in rational thinking. He included; a trait of B2B decision making.

Reported for 2014- re: National Reports

  • 24% of senior management roles across the world are headed up by women
  • In China there are 51% in senior level roles **has doubled as 2012 listed at 25%
  • CEOs in businesses which are women has risen to 14%
  • Forbes  stated that only 19% board roles around the world are held by women
  • Labor department has found that 69.3% of women ages 25 to 54 were working and 30.7% are not working  **different report give slightly different figures

My take on their take on Women in Senior Level Business Positions and in the overall workforce…..

Women in the workforce has increased drastically since the 1950s as during that time about 95% of men held all of the jobs.  Women stayed at home and took care of the children.  The only thing that I can tell from having lived a few years longer than some who write these articles;  men’s positions in life –in general have changed, along with most women.  I agree that when women are heading up the financial roles in the family; this takes away some of the jobs that ordinarily men would hold.  But, many men, not all, have decided since women are taking on what they call the lead role in the family;  they will back off working hard and let them have it.

In the past companies held back hiring women because it was common that during the childbearing years; they would be off for 6 weeks, out with sick children and this would cause loss of profits.  That was in the past; and now women are back to work much earlier than before when off for maternity leave, (if they choose).  A lot of companies allow for more than 6 weeks, it depends upon company rules; how they operate and sometimes how large they are.

Women versus Men & Men versus Women 

Does it really matter how little grey cells a woman’s brain has; or that a man has more grey cells than a woman; as stated by the professor in the comment above? I doubt that it does.

Women tend to be more detailed than a man.  Men do not like detail and if you write a long email to them; they “might” read the first paragraph and guess what the rest of it said.  Then come to you and want to know what your solution to the issues is, and then tell you that you are too detailed.  Women try to look at the issue; not the person (unless there is an issue with the person), men seem to look at the individual and some cannot address an issue that involves a “pretty” woman; not always.

Men do however, have the ability to concentrate on work even when there is a family crisis in most instances.  Unless it is devastating;  they usually find a way to think about what is in the moment, and that being work.  We women sometimes let our private life interfere with work.  Okay…don’t deny it, but at some point, most of us have lost the ability to concentrate at work when something hard hits the private part of our existence. Not all bad; we are human and we have feelings and emotions that are far deeper than a lot of men.  Another article entirely….

Women Senior Management Roles, who have made it BIG with 

Fortune Magazine reported on 50 female power players, ranging from 63 down to 38 years of age.  25 were listed with incomes in the millions for 2012.  The highest paid powerful woman in 2012 was Safra Catz of Oracle with $43 million in compensation.  The lowest paid woman in power was Senior EVP of Wells Fargo, Carrie L. Tolstedt with $8.7 million in total compensation.  For the sake of mentioning; Walmart executive finished the year in 2012 with $14.4 million in compensation.  No, these are not ordinary salaries for the majority of us ladies, but many women have larger compensation packages than their counterparts, but this is not the usual report.  Women are beginning to lead in many sectors of Business and Finance, and a lot of times do not make the salary of the male counterpart.  If you see a Woman in a Senior Management Role; ordinarily they obtained it by working hard; and keeping some of their thoughts to themselves.

Now, it is hard for me to believe they obtained these high level positions with salaries to match based upon facts of grey matter in the brain.  Yes, these are high lever positions; CEO, VP, AVP etc., but they got these positions with dedication and perseverance.  I doubt that anyone of them just fell into these roles.

There are numerous women in leadership capacity; who dedicate themselves to their job.  They are intelligent, spontaneous, and confident, have logic, and perform as good as any male.  Nothing is meant to downgrade the male’s role in business; but women belong in any rank they are qualified for, and this has nothing to do with their sexuality.  We do not have as many Women Senior Management as we should.  This is changing.


Linda Todd         

P. S.  I think that women are as capable as men in making decisions, growing clientele, and in fact just about any other role one might want to name.  As stated, not trying to diminish the role of fathers, husbands, brothers, or any other, but ladies more is expected of us than in the years before us.  The question I might also have is:  “What choice do we have but to become wiser in all aspects of business?”


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