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Being a woman, you know all the roles you play and juggle upfront without any coaching or advice.  You know from experience that being a woman in itself, isn’t always an easy job. Women who pretend their role is easy, well, maybe they have already lived their life and entered into restful eternity.  Shall we laugh just for the fun of it?

A woman who juggles their home life, work life, spiritual life, friend life and all those other task, has their work cut out. Does a woman ever get “done,” with all this juggling?  Most of the time no, she just decides what is most important and puts the other goodies to bed also as she lays her head on the pillow at night.  Trying to maneuver through a gillion things everyday will wear you down;  in the mental aspects of your life,as well as physical.

How does one prioritize what is most important in their daily life with a family, career, aged parents, and just plain old everyday life things? Listed here are some things which I have heard and some of which I have applied to my own life.  Hopefully they will assist you in some form or fashion:

  • Prayer, or mediation, whatever you believe in, will help with all other aspects of your life. Guaranteed!  There are sometimes when one cannot utter words, then it is time to make it thoughts. Positive, faith thoughts.
  • Children, and husband (if applicable), i.e. family come first.  Most other things in life can wait.
  • A true Friend is someone who walks in when everybody else walks out of your life, therefore this kind of friend should also be up close to the top.
  • Taking care of self, your health, your desires, your aspirations and dreams is important, and most women think they do not have the time to do it well with everything they are juggling.  They let themselves go.  Solution is quite simple by most accounts.  If you take care of your own need, you will be more successful at taking care of everything else.  If your mind is cluttered, you can’t think straight.  If you need that woman’s healthcare checkup, you can in most cases ward off some illness that might be lurking in your body.  If you spend time readying, it will relax your inner thoughts giving you a view of the outside world.  If you exercise, your body will look like a million dollars in that little black dress, give you energy and also help you to be more accessible.  Everything is better when you take care of you!
  • A career or job should never be the first priority, even if you are single or without family.  In the latter case, your health state is most important.   A career is important as it provides that thing we call money to help purchase the survival things of life.  But, when you leave that job, leave the day’s events at work, it makes home life much easier. Learning to concentrate on the now moment; will lend you success at managing your home life.
  • Let worry cease.  Worry can make a person less productive, less alert, and even less awake to what is in the moment.  I like this quote:  “When you lay your head on your pillow at night, clear your mind.  If you cannot do anything about the situation you are worrying about, then close your eyes and sleep.”

If you cannot cure the situation, fix it, or undo it, then just pray about it. Your worry will not affect the situation, it will only affect your health and mental attitude. There are many ways to get help with women who are juggling their life, but these are some that can make your life more plausible or more achievable.

Have you read this book?….Flat Broke with Children: Women in the Age of Welfare Reform

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P. S.  Never knew that women would be called jugglers;  did you?  But, if you think about it, it is exactly what women do most….“they juggle their family, friends, work, and even God.”  Wonder what He thinks about that? 

P.S.S. I have found that keeping household supplies on hand, and ordering them online in quantities saves time and leaves some room for other things without having to go push the cart!!! See what you think….

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