Being in the moment!
For many people, a low-grade amount of stress is a part of everyday life. Therefore, they may not recognize that it has a negative impact on their overall health. Studies have shown that feeling stress or anxiety on a long-term basis does not just affect your peace of mind. In […]

A Calm Mind Is A Healthy Mind

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The attitudes of successful people are generally smooth, calm, and conquered. Their actions are controlled, and are usually always within parameter of being socially acceptable. Most successful people who have learned how to influence others, at some point looked at himself or herself to see where they might need to […]

Is Your Attitude Hurting Your Influence

Make it your own!
I read something today that gave me more motivation to be more of myself. This was not something new, or profound, however, most of us want to make sure we are following the model that will give us approval. Why? We all have a tendency to want approval from others […]

You Must Develop Your Own Success Strategy

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While few things are more certain in life than change, this does not necessarily make dealing with change any easier. When change comes your way, you might need some stress management techniques to help get you through it. In addition, maybe next time you are coping with a life change […]

Can Life Changes Be Managed With Minimal Stress

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  To Enjoy Life More, We Need More Gratitude There is often too much that we have become accustomed to, and take for granted in our everyday life here in this country. We become complacent, think we are privileged, and often think we deserve even more than we have. This […]

Faith Matters And Gratitude

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In order to receive anything you want in life you have to put in the work to get it.  A happy, healthy relationship is no exception to that rule. Not any of us humans can go through school or life for that matter just hoping that the best happens, without […]

A Happy Healthy Relationship

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Anyone who has worked within the financial industry has an inside view of how people view their financial status, and plan for the future. Simply, some do, and some do not.  However, it is possible to have your personal finance intact and have financial freedom. It does not matter how much […]

Creating Financial Freedom

Ineffective Leadership
There should never be a play for power in leadership within a company or corporation. On the same concept, there should never be a play of favorites, competing, manipulation, or exploiting arrogance in leadership. If there is, someone is creating sabotage for himself or herself, and the company. If this […]

Ineffective Leadership In The Workplace

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Too many women these days sit back in their career, or the business world, and let others take the lead when they should be putting forth their best self. No, it is not all about the men. Very often, those women who are educated, self-sufficient and know their game well […]

Women Speak Up Your Knowledge Is Persuasive

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It does not matter who you are, where you are from, how much money you have or do not have, or what you look like. Confidence is the key to standing out in the business world, your life, at home, and within the world as a whole. Confidence leads to […]

Confidence Leads to Fulfillment of Dreams- Fear Will Derail Them

Stop the self doubt!
There is probably not a human on earth that does not desire more happiness within their life. However, most of us have habits that would kill an elephant; so how can we not kill our happiness if we do not learn to control our thoughts and emotions. In these 25 […]

25 Things That Destroy Happiness

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Living life with balance is a great part of this blog and hopefully each of us can take some of this and apply it to our life to make it livable. Balance is such an important and much needed part of everyone’s life, and in all areas. However, if there […]

Living Life With Balance – Is It Possible?