Do Women Leave The Men They Love?

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Men Take Notice………By permission of Justice Schanfarber and here is the article.   Just to be clear I scan some great blogs and articles here and there to read, always looking for great titles, which get my attention. The title of the article was Why Women Leave The Men They Love – What Every Man ShouldRead more …

How Do Men Really Think


For the most part men are thinking in the moment and about whatever is at hand, at that very moment. If they are with friends, that is their focus. If they are playing baseball with the kids, that is their focus. If they are at work, they are present in body and mind. Shall weRead more …

Website Promotion – Online Business

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Some very good internet scholars will tell other people how to start their website. Once their website is up and running, they are very big on explaining that great content is what works best. It is a very important part of the equation; however, it is not the conclusive ingredient. Website promotion – online businessRead more …

Eight Common Q & A from First-Time Home Buyers

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The questions that a first-time home-buyer should ask and understand before starting the process are actually one of the most important parts of getting a mortgage loan. No question is too dumb and all questions are good question if you do not know the answers. Here are eight common questions with answers: 1. Am IRead more …

What You Need To Know About Investment Portfolios

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  Your investment portfolio is a collection of different investments for which you have bet in order to earn income. The goal is not to lose the principal amount. Therefore, you only have one portfolio but it will include all of your investments. However, an investment portfolio is also something a bank or broker mightRead more …

Jealousy Can Destroy Your Relationship

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When you are in a relationship with another person, it is often difficult not to experience feelings of jealousy sometimes.  However, it is important to be aware that these feelings can often do more harm than good if you do not deal with them adequately. Reports indicate that men are more likely than women toRead more …

Women In Business 2016 Reports

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Women Entrepreneurship is On The Rise!  If you are interested or should we say dreaming of becoming a successful female business owner, now may be the time. It is interesting what The State of Women-Owned Businesses, 2016 report published by Womanable and American Express Open has to say about this ever-popular subject. The numbers areRead more …

Can You Trust Your Parenting Instincts

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As a parent, there is seemingly no end to the tips and advice you get from guides, parenting gurus or other parents. With words of wisdom so readily available, many parents look to other sources for help over their own parental instincts. Is raising your child best left to the experts or can you trustRead more …

How to Build Your Self Image

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Building your self-image or confidence is a necessary exercise for many of us. If self-confidence does not come naturally, building it up takes deliberate, conscious effort. While no systematic program is perfect, the following are some steps that may help you build up your sense of confidence, and a greater self-image. Take a trip downRead more …