Flower 4This is our home and it is for all women.  We are here to post, talk, tell, help, pray, believe and whatever else women do.  You are invited to join in to contribute and provide your view.

Since we already know that women are indispensable, we will also say they are highly skillful, filled with aspirations and love.  They are sometimes full of naught, fear and pain, but they are still beautiful.

They are all things to everyone, their family, their friends and their career.  They create, nourish, and find solutions.  There is not a lot that a woman can’t accomplish.

We want you to share this blog which is “all about women.”  There are many aspects to a life well lived; therefore we must have all input from all women.

She can live the single life if she chooses.  She can become a beloved wife and mother when her heart says she should.  She can become a single mom with one moments notice. She can climb the ladder to success with hard work and dedication to fulfill her dreams.  She can survive a dreadful disease and still be an inspiration.

She can be a wife, a mom, a friend, a colleague, a teacher, a nurse, an attorney, a doctor, and even a computer; all at the same time.  In fact, most women hold these roles without even thinking about it.  That is why “The Woman’s Post” has been created.  Together; we will journey through the life of a “woman,” talking about those things which can help to make us better than we already are.

News, healthy habits, beauty, financial independence, being a professionalthe fashion world, success, personal growth, and much more.  Pick your subject and lend your voice.

Join in and let’s help each other and ourselves.


Linda Todd


P. S.  Hey, this is all about women, with some man news here and there..if we decide to.

Yes, you can shop; there is no need for us to pretend we do not want you to SHOP.  We have a the shop with many MERCHANTS and PRODUCTS.  We also are an Affiliate Marketer who will receive a small commission now and then when you search an item.  So,  no pretense from this Woman’s Blog.



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    I will check it out and think about this. Thanks for the invite.


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  3. Linda Todd
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    Thank you for stopping by to read and comment. I appreciate the kind words.

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