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What Is Faith


What is faith? If you notice, I start many articles with a question. I believe that one must understand the subject to get involved with the conversation. They must understand it from where they are, [...]

Quick And Easy Breakfast Ideas For Kids


You know how important a good breakfast is for children. However, sometimes you simply do not have time to prepare a balanced meal. Here are some quick and easy breakfast ideas for kids to help them [...]

How To Become Your Best Self


To be honest, we all have our days when we are not our best self. Do you agree? However, since our voice here is about becoming “exceptional,” we want to try to emphasize the importance of [...]

What Older Women Learn With Age


My Story – At Least Some of It We learned that roses are not always red, violets are not always blue, and that life is not always easy. One of the most important advantages about being older is [...]

How To Get A Promotion


Getting That Promotion, What You Need To Consider There are many outlines and methods on how to get a promotion out there and each Career Coach has their own technique.  Having worked as a manager [...]

Toddler Temper Tantrums And Tips To Conquer


It is very easy to get all stressed after a long days work and come home to the little guys who want the attention of their parent. Then of course it is embarrassing when they decide to steal the [...]

Just Do It


  Start Anywhere, Just Do It! If you need a place to start something, anything, start where you are right now, this minute, just do it! Start what, may be your question and the answer is one [...]

How To Become a Business Coach


You may be loving what you do in business, and if that is the case, then this article is not for you. But, if you have been thinking about changing or adding to your success with something new, you [...]

10 Helpful Tips to Contentment


Attaining contentment might seem impossible. Yet it is something we all as humans have in common. What makes us happy might differ, but one thing that remains the same in all humans is how to achieve [...]

Inspiration For Older Women


Flickr- Celine Nadeau There is nothing more defining than for older women who let their life shine after everyone else seems to think it is over. They are living their years without letting other [...]
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